RSL Statement From CEO June 3, 2020

RSL Statement From CEO June 3, 2020

I am not sure of the right words to say when I am sad, angry, and upset. Honestly, those who know me best know I have to sleep on a decision. Unfortunately like many of you, I have been unable to sleep or unable to rest. But I feel conversations and statements need to happen regardless of the emotions I am feeling.  The events of the past few months with COVID-19, and the stress this has caused the people we support, our staff, and the families of those we support has exhausted me.  I have seen a wonderful group of people rise to the occasion and support. You have worked countless hours and provided a safe place for our individuals. I appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Now we are experiencing another trauma and even greater stress with the recent events of police brutality and the death of Mr. George Floyd. His death is not a single event but another link in the chain of tragedies that have happened across the nation. It is beyond our community walls and has spread greatly over time. This did not just happen overnight. I see so much hurt in this country and so many opportunities for conversation that need to happen. I want to allow those conversations to happen within our organization.

Many may feel that I cannot relate to the current tensions facing our community. But, I can see that people are hurting. I can feel that this is wrong. As the leader of this organization I can acknowledge your hurt and pain. Yes, I am uncomfortable with the events that are occurring across our country. I want to understand and learn what can be done to make changes happen. I want to stand together and tell you how we can make this happen for Ralph Scott LIfeservices, Inc.

We are fortunate to have people within our organization that can teach us and help us as an organization to work toward changing and making a difference so healing can take place. We are forming a group of leaders to have meaningful and difficult conversations to include cultural competency, diversity, and equality. We want to understand and support during the difficulties both now and those that lie ahead.

I want to be clear that Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc. is committed at all levels of this organization to standing together, to listening, to learning, and  to continue to provide quality supports. Together I want to improve the lives of our staff and the individuals we support. As an organization we stand against racism, discrimination, and social injustices and will not tolerate them in our workplace. We will work to improve our role in making necessary changes in our workplace, our community, and for our staff, as well as, the people we support.

Jennifer E. Helton, CEO