Meet Our Staff


  • Jennifer Helton, President/CEO
  • Brittany Mayak, Executive Assistant to CEO

Administration and Operations

  • Judy Craig, VP of Administrative Services
  • Barbara Downs, Senior Finance Officer
  • Doris Hill, Director of Human Resources
  • Dorene Cole, Director of Operations

Development and Community Based Services

  • Wendy Briggs, VP of Service Coordination
  • Elizabeth Huffines, Director of Supported Living
  • Many Saychein, Director of Day Services (StarPoint)
  • (Vacant) Assistant Director of Day Services¬†
  • Lea Clapp, Director of Development (Development and Financial Gifts)

Quality and Admissions

  • J. Lee Cicero, VP of CQM
  • Aftan Freeman, Assistant VP of CQM

Residential Programs 

  • William Carr, VP of Residential Services
  • Dionne McCray, Director of Community Residential Services and Supports (CRSS)
  • Shaniqua Long, Assistant Director CRSS
  • Belinda Goodson, Director of Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/ID)
  • Kenol Theodore, Assistant Director of ICF/IDD

Psychological Services and Specialized Consultative Services

  • Hilary Hilliard, VP of Psychological Services
  • Karla Green, Behavior Specialist II
  • Nannette Theodore, Behavior Specialist I