Referral and Hiring Bonus Updated

Referral and Hiring Bonus Updated




Beginning MAY 1, 2021, RSL will offer a REFERRAL BONUS of $300 to employees who refer a person for employment who is offered a job, meets background requirements, and successfully completes the 6-month orientation period of work.  $150 will be paid to the referring employee when the applicant completes the initial orientation training and begins work.  An additional $150 will be paid to the referring employee when the applicant successfully completes the 6-month orientation work period.  The bonus payments will be added to the paychecks of the referring employee for the pay periods in which the events occur.

 In addition, on MAY 1, 2021, RSL will begin offering a HIRING BONUS of $300 to newly hired employees.  $150 will be paid to the new employee when the applicant completes the initial orientation training and begins work.  An additional $150 will be paid to the new employee when he/she successfully completes the 6-month orientation work period.  The bonus will be added to the successful employee’s paycheck for the pay period in which the event occurs.


Statement By Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc.


Many of the members of our Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc. family have friends, family, and neighbors that have been impacted by the violence and hate generated toward the Asian community and the Asian American community. We openly denounce the increasing instances of bias, violence, and hate crimes toward Asian and Asian American individuals, in the United States. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are concerned with the real and devastating implications of hateful anti-Asian rhetoric and violence. We recognize that anti-Asian prejudice is one form of systematic racism that continues to operate in our local community, our state, and in our nation. We must remain vigilant to the many ways that anti-Asian prejudice can affect our staff and the individuals we support. All forms of prejudice, stigmatization, and racism will not be tolerated. RSLI commits to listening to our neighbors and our colleagues in the Asian Community in their efforts to pursue social justice  

Office Hours

Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc main office on 408 West Trade Street, Burlington, NC is open weekdays from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. We continue to use Covid precautions and sanitize our office daily. We are open to support our families. However, please remember that we continue to offer and use virtual opportunities. Also, will continue to review our operations and update you on our hours of operation during the pandemic. This will remain in effect until May 31, 2021 and we continue operate our office at 50% capacity in house. We feel this is the best option to keep our staff and the individuals we support safe.  

Limited Family Visitation Open

Here at RSL the people we support are our first priority. Safety is everything and during the past year we have worked to keep people safe. Visits are very important to our individuals and their families. This is why it has been a top priority to offer visitation when safe. Effective April 1, 2021 Visitation will open in Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc. group homes. We mailed out a letter and guidelines for families to set up their visits. Families may now call and make requests to schedule a visit in accordance with our safety precautions and guidelines. Also, we have worked very hard to offer vaccinations.  Vaccines for staff and the individuals we support allow us to lessen visitation restrictions. Additionally, we thank everyone for their patience and we hope to continue small steps to normalcy as Covid-19 numbers decline in the surrounding community. 


RSL Statement From CEO June 3, 2020

I am not sure of the right words to say when I am sad, angry, and upset. Honestly, those who know me best know I have to sleep on a decision. Unfortunately like many of you, I have been unable to sleep or unable to rest. But I feel conversations and statements need to happen regardless of the emotions I am feeling.  The events of the past few months with COVID-19, and the stress this has caused the people we support, our staff, and the families of those we support has exhausted me.  I have seen a wonderful group of people rise to the occasion and support. You have worked countless hours and provided a safe place for our individuals. I appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Now we are experiencing another trauma and even greater stress with the recent events of police brutality and the death of Mr. George Floyd. His death is not a single event but another link in the chain of tragedies that have happened across the nation. It is beyond our community walls and has spread greatly over time. This did not just happen overnight. I see so much hurt in this country and so many opportunities for conversation that need to happen. I want to allow those conversations to happen within our organization.

Many may feel that I cannot relate to the current tensions facing our community. But, I can see that people are hurting. I can feel that this is wrong. As the leader of this organization I can acknowledge your hurt and pain. Yes, I am uncomfortable with the events that are occurring across our country. I want to understand and learn what can be done to make changes happen. I want to stand together and tell you how we can make this happen for Ralph Scott LIfeservices, Inc.

We are fortunate to have people within our organization that can teach us and help us as an organization to work toward changing and making a difference so healing can take place. We are forming a group of leaders to have meaningful and difficult conversations to include cultural competency, diversity, and equality. We want to understand and support during the difficulties both now and those that lie ahead.

I want to be clear that Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc. is committed at all levels of this organization to standing together, to listening, to learning, and  to continue to provide quality supports. Together I want to improve the lives of our staff and the individuals we support. As an organization we stand against racism, discrimination, and social injustices and will not tolerate them in our workplace. We will work to improve our role in making necessary changes in our workplace, our community, and for our staff, as well as, the people we support.

Jennifer E. Helton, CEO

RSL offering Hiring Bonus

Effective JUNE 1, 2020, RSL will begin offering a HIRING BONUS of $100 to newly hired employees who successfully complete the hiring process through the 6-month orientation work period.  The bonus will be added to the successful employee’s paycheck for the pay period in which the event occurs.

2019-2020 Annual Report

Our 2019-2020 Annual Report has been published. We mailed and emailed our stakeholders at the beginning of the year. If you would like to know more about our organization these reports give a snapshot of each year. You can find more on our website! We would love to add you to our email list so that we can send you one. Contact Lea Clapp, Development Director to be added to our official email list. Lea can be reached at

Annual Report 2019-2020

Current Needs

Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc. has specific needs during this covid-19 pandemic. We are currently in need of several things.

  1. Masks- we need disposable or homemade masks would also be appreciated.
  2. Hand Sanitizer
  3. Lysol wipes
  4. Paper towels
  5. Tissues
  6. Rubbing Alcohol

If you would like to donate items you may call  336 227-1011 from 8:30 am -2:30 pm or message us on our Facebook page. Our office is closed to the public but we can arrange for donations to be dropped off curbside.




Virtual Visitation

We know families would love to visit. But since the guidelines and mandates prevent face to face visits in our group homes we can still utilize technology. Did you know we have technology in our group homes? We have capabilities and WiFi available for people to use. We can be pretty creative on different ways to communicate and have options. We have Coordinators who can help assist the group home staff and the individuals to use video conferencing applications. So be encouraged we are just a phone call away and even have technology available. Families may contact their division director or coordinator if they would like to set up virtual visits. Phone calls and cards are also great ways to communicate for those who are not as comfortable with technology. We are here and ready to help just give us a call.


COVID-19 Update

Effective today Friday, March 27, 2020 Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc.people we support will be staying home. Residents in our group home have been asked to shelter in place. Our staff are still available to provide services. This is for the protection of everyone and is in response to local recommendations from the city of Graham, Burlington, and Haw River. There may be many more changes to follow in Alamance county as this pandemic widens. We are practicing social distancing and staying home to help lower the curve.

Day services provided by StarPoint will be provided in home until some restrictions are lifted. Currently we still cannot allow visitors at this time and anyone not employed by Ralph Scott Lifeservices Inc is considered a visitor. Thank you everyone for your support and understanding. This is a difficult decision but we must follow recommendations from local and state government. We will continue to keep you informed on our website and FaceBook page of any updates or changes.

Jennifer Helton, President/CEO