RSL Spotlight

We have some really amazing administrators here at Ralph Scott, so we decided to start a Spotlight project to highlight them and what they do.  Spotlights are short bios to help you get to know our team leaders, and to put a face with a name.  These folks really do shine!

Hilary Baker is our May 2022 Spotlight.

Elizabeth Huffines is our April 2022 Spotlight.

Doris Hill is our March 2022 Spotlight.

Dorene Cole is our February 2022 Spotlight

Dionne McCray is our December 2021 Spotlight.

Dale Oakley is our October 2021 Spotlight.


Brittany Mayak is our September 2021 Spotlight.

Brittany Blount is our August 2021 Spotlight.


Belinda Goodson is our July 2021 Spotlight.

Barbara Downs is our June 2021 Spotlight.

Aftan Freeman-Winters is our May 2021 Spotlight.

Lee Cicero is our April 2021 Spotlight