Your Gift

Our operating costs are much the same as you experience in your own budget: rent, utilities, food, gasoline, etc.  We also have the salaries of our devoted staff who assist the people we serve ALL DAY, EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Your donations to our Operating Fund or the Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc. Endowment help us meet these daily expenses as state and Medicaid funds fall short. Your Gift can help supplement these shortfalls and provide. We reach out to business and people like you who can help support our mission.

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Last Year because of donation from local businesses we received computers and printers that could equip our day program, all group homes, and apartment common areas. This technology has improved the environment for the people we support and staff. Donations from our dedicated board has updated our conference room and training areas with audio visual equipment. New equipment has helped bring our training program up to date and provide the best for our staff and the individuals we support. We are always looking at new ways to improve our technology for the people we support and our staff.


Last year we were able to replace two vans from donations to our operating fund. It takes a fleet of vehicles to get people to where they need to go. The Burlington area does not have public transportation that is affordable. Everyone we support needs transportation to work, to shop, to worship, and to participate in the activities they choose.


The people we support love to go places. Operating expenses are just one part of where a donation can help. We like to make sure that people’s dreams come true, Whether it is the State Fair, a movie, a show, an amusement or water park, or a vacation to the beach. We love to make that happen. Donations also help pay for the music and pet therapy programs at StarPoint. The people we support love being a part of our community and enjoying what is offered.

Ways to give

  • A gift of cash to Ralph Scott Lifeservices would be tax-deductible, as RSL is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.
  • A transfer of appreciated stock rather than cash increases the amount Ralph Scott Lifeservices would receive, and the tax deduction is at market value.
  • IF Congress again authorizes the 2015 IRA Charitable Rollover, you may be able to transfer a gift to Ralph Scott Lifeservices without paying federal income tax on the transferred funds.
  • If you are interested in estate planning, Ralph Scott Lifeservices can provide information for your attorney about bequests to the organization.

Ralph Scott Lifeservices, Inc. Endowment is another way to give. Our endowment is part of the Alamance Foundation, which is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. In 2008, as part of our long range planning, the RSL board determined private funding would be crucial to providing the needed revenue to support RSL’s programs that serve the individuals we support. The RSL Endowment was established to provide that bridge in funds to support continue to provide quality services.

If you are interested in making a donation and would like to make an appointment to learn more about our endowment and estate planning, please contact Jennifer Helton at 336-227-1011, ext. 19.